Important Ways to Help Teach Your Child Values

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Instilling important values in a child is one of the most influential things a parent can do in order to prepare him or her for success in the future. When a child learns to do hard work, have compassion for others, act in a responsible manner, and other similar things, he or she can be positioned to thrive. As media is so pervasive and inescapable these days, and outside influences have a huge effect on your child regardless of your efforts, it is more important than ever that parents think carefully about how they want to impart these life lessons. Here are some tips to make sure you do it right.

Practice What You Preach

You may think that telling your child that lying is wrong will be enough to get this message across, but what if he or she then hears you telling a white lie to someone? This could be confusing to him or her, and the lesson learned might be that someone’s actions are not always aligned with his or her words. This is why it is vital that you walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Explain the Reasons Behind Your Beliefs

It is helpful if your young one knows not just the what, but also the why of your actions. For example, if you do not allow them to spend hours on social media, or play violent video games, and then you tell them your rationale behind your actions, you are giving them the message that these activities are not in line with your core values. Even if they do not like the decisions you have made, at least they will be aware of what the thinking behind them is. Continue reading


Help Your Child Cope With ADHD: Strategies for School Success

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The classroom presents a host of challenges for a child with ADHD. Sitting still and listening quietly can be difficult, especially in an environment full of distractions ranging from other students to colorful décor to unfamiliar noises. It is important to communicate frankly and frequently with your child’s teacher so you can make a plan that works for everyone involved.

  1. Children with ADHD need structure. Knowing what to expect each day can help them to curb some of their impulsivity and restlessness. Write down schedules and keep them where your child can reference them frequently and cross off each item as it is accomplished.
  2. Provide clear expectations and a system for evaluating their performance. Do not overwhelm them with a long list of rules. Choose one or two behaviors to focus on and create specific, measurable goals that can be assessed daily. Offer positive reinforcement in the form of stickers, privileges, small prizes or other rewards when goals are met.
  3. Break homework and projects into small, manageable chunks. ADHD children can become easily distracted as well as easily discouraged. Help them to maintain their focus and motivation by breaking larger assignments into smaller tasks with frequent breaks. Use breaks to encourage movement, which can help them to expel excess energy and stay focused.
  4. Write down important information. Use the same notebook or planner for every assignment. Include specific information needed to complete the assignment, when it is due and how it should be turned in. Checklists can remind students of important but often overlooked details such as putting their name on the page and checking their work.
  5. Stay Organized. Before school starts, buy supplies to organize their homework, their backpack and their work area at home. Help your child to develop their own organizational skills by reviewing their homework journal, sorting through their backpack and tidying their workspace together every single day.

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How to Make That College Goodbye Easier

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Perhaps you thought that graduating high school and getting accepted in college was the hard part for your child, but you may not realize just how difficult that college goodbye is going to be—both for you and for them. However, there are a few things you can do to help make saying goodbye easier as your teen leaves the nest.

Important Final Lessons

Preparing your child for college can start as soon as you feel your child is ready. Start teaching them basic life skills at least the summer beforehand if you have not taught them already, such as how to do laundry, how to plan and cook a meal, and how to manage basic finances. Preparing your child beforehand can help both you and your child feel more prepared to leave home and start living independently. Continue reading


Back to School Vaccinations

Back to School Vaccinations | apurgentcare.comGo to Urgent Care to Beat the Back to School Vaccination Rush

Summer’s almost over and before you know it, the kids will be getting ready to go back to school. While you are in the midst of shopping for school clothes and supplies, do not overlook back to school vaccinations. There are many different viruses and diseases going around. The last thing you want to do is leave your children at risk for infection because you forgot to get them vaccinated.


Reasons to Stay up to Date on Vaccinations

While much the United States is caught up in the vaccination debate, many of today’s youth are being exposed to previously eradicated childhood diseases, such as measles, whooping cough and tuberculosis at an alarming rate. Even though the majority of these children have received some of their vaccinations and will not get sick, infection and mortality rates are rising at an alarming rate. Rather than take chances with your child’s health and life, err on the side of caution and check to see if they are up to date on all of their vaccinations.


Urgent Care Is More Convenient

Understandably, many parents do not have a great deal of time to wait for a doctor’s appointment that may not be available for several weeks. Many parents also do not enjoy having to sit in a doctor’s office for hours waiting for their child to receive their shots. An easy, economical and more convenient solution to prevent these situations is to find an urgent center instead.

With all of the recent changes in healthcare, some parents may experience some difficulty in getting their children’s vaccinations due to health insurance copays and deductibles, being restricted to certain doctors and a lack of evening or weekend hours. Fortunately, healthcare services at urgent care centers are much more affordable and accessible. Many centers are open every single day of the year, around the clock. This makes it easier and more affordable for parents to schedule their children’s back to school vaccinations conveniently around their schedule.


Three Steps to Avoiding Temper Tantrums

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Temper tantrums can be distressing for children and their caregivers. Tantrums are especially common during the toddler years and are a normal part of growing up. While there is no way to eliminate emotional eruptions, there are some things parents can do to try to limit a child’s tantrums.

Avoid Hunger and Fatigue

Even adults get “hangry,” a word that combines “hungry and “angry.” The hangry feeling that leads to irritability and frustration in adults can lead to full-blown tantrums in kids. Especially before leaving the house, make sure your child is well fed and has had plenty of rest. Bring snacks to have on hand for any long periods away from home. Leave some non-perishable food, such as granola bars, in the car in case you end up being out longer than expected. Continue reading


How to Discipline Your Child Without Becoming the Bad Guy

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One of the biggest challenges of parenting is learning to how to discipline children. Parenting is about balance and moderation, but discipline can make many parents feel as though they are losing balance in the relationships with their children.  You want your children to be sharp, independent, and obedient. Although no guide will answer every question about proper discipline, there are themes that can help you find the balance that helps your children recognize their wrongs and desire to do right.

Focus Discipline on the Wrong Act, Not the Child

After a hard day with your children, you might begin to think that your children are crazy animals! This is natural. Proper discipline starts by helping the child understand that they have done something wrong and desire to correct their actions. You do want to help them feel that their actions, however upsetting, cannot alter your love for them and regard for them as a person. When discipline or teaching focuses on the action and not the child, the child will not feel like they are being attacked; instead, he or she will sense your love and confidence in him or her. Continue reading


3 Ways to Entice Your Children to Do Chores

Chores | Improve-Your-Child.comDepending on the age of your children, you may find that getting them to do chores is as easy as breathing or as hard as pulling teeth. With these three tips, your children will be asking for more chores and looking for other ways to help out around the house.

  1. Make Chores Fun

Nothing demotivates more to children than having to do chores that appear to be boring. The first few times you tell your children to do chores, show them ways to make their tasks fun. For example, let them invent a silly dance to do while sweeping a room. Or have them make up silly names for the dishes and pretend they are giving them a bath. Add a little food coloring to the dishwater or a little more dish detergent to add more bubbles. Continue reading


Putting Your Child in a New School

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Moving to a new area can be a great benefit for a family.  Unfortunately, changing schools can be a traumatic experience for your children. Often, moves are precipitated when one of the parents changes jobs. A new school can be like a job change as well. The environment where the children spend most of their waking time suddenly changes. Teachers, friends, and the school buildings themselves are suddenly different and potentially unwelcoming. It is important for parents to smooth the transition for their children as much as they are able.

Get Buy-In From Your Children

Often, parents justify a move and a school change by telling their children that it is “better for the family” and leave it at that. This strategy may work for another adult, but probably not for children who generally have completely different perspectives. They are unlikely to understand why a job change may be important or necessary. However, they can understand improvements in the things that affect them directly, particularly their new home, school, and area. Continue reading


Speech Therapy Improves Your Child’s Language Skills

Speech Therapy | Improve-Your-Child.comChildren develop in different ways, and some of them have difficulties when it comes to mastering basic speech and language skills. They may have trouble pronouncing certain sounds, maintaining a normal flow of speech, or making their voices resonate. Speech therapists can help children overcome all of these disorders and speak in a more articulate manner.

Types of Speech Disorders

There are several types of speech disorders, including:

  • articulation disorders
  • fluency disorders
  • voice or resonance disorders
  • language disorders

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Improve Your Child by Them Joining a Sports Team

Joining a Sports Team | Improve-Your-Child.comSports have long been a staple in schools and local communities. They offer general health benefits, but they also have other exceptional benefits that help children to grow and develop to their greatest potential. Below are a few of the key ways in which you can improve your child by having them join sports teams.

Academic Success

Playing sports instills the value of hard work and dedication to a task. Children who play sports can transfer those skills to the classroom and excel academically. Also, with certain levels of academic achievement being mandatory to participate on sports teams in schools, it serves as a strong incentive for students who truly enjoying playing sports. Continue reading