Eliminating a Child’s New School Fears

New School | Improve Your Child

Regardless of age, any child who is attending a new school for the first time is apprehensive. They not only do not know any of the other students, they do not know their teachers and do not have a clue regarding the school layout. A parent can do a number of things to help a young child adjust to the situation.

 Determine what kind of transportation is involved

1. If walking is involved, make the trip with your child so they become familiar with the surroundings.
2. Make sure the area is safe for a child to walk alone. If not, introduce him or her to someone you have contacted to accompany them.

Visit the school

1. When signing registration papers, be sure your child is introduced to the office personnel, including the principal.
2. Walk through the school and visit the classroom or classrooms they will be using.
3. Show them where the bathrooms and lunchroom is located so they can find them easily.

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How Teaching Manners to Children Can Improve Their Lives

Teaching Manners | Improve Your Child

As a parent, one of the most influential things you can instill in your child is a sense of manners. Doing so is a gift that can help him or her prepare for successful and meaningful interactions in the future. Teaching manners to your children is more important than ever, as media, television, and other factors seem to be an inescapable force and are not always promoting the best manners. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a parent to teach manners. There are some important things to keep in mind during the impressionable part of your child’s learning development.

Lead By Example

Your child may listen to what you have to say about manners, but the minute you go against what you say, your word will be rather meaningless. Especially while you are teaching them manners, be sure not to act hypocritically during times when you don’t think they are paying close attention. Say, for example, you are focusing on the importance of not interrupting another when he or she is speaking. At dinner, however, during a heated conversation with your husband you interrupt him in the middle of a sentence. Your child, whether he or she realizes it or not, is subsequently confused about why the rules don’t apply to everyone and in all situations. Continue reading