Three Steps to Avoiding Temper Tantrums

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Temper tantrums can be distressing for children and their caregivers. Tantrums are especially common during the toddler years and are a normal part of growing up. While there is no way to eliminate emotional eruptions, there are some things parents can do to try to limit a child’s tantrums.

Avoid Hunger and Fatigue

Even adults get “hangry,” a word that combines “hungry and “angry.” The hangry feeling that leads to irritability and frustration in adults can lead to full-blown tantrums in kids. Especially before leaving the house, make sure your child is well fed and has had plenty of rest. Bring snacks to have on hand for any long periods away from home. Leave some non-perishable food, such as granola bars, in the car in case you end up being out longer than expected. Continue reading


How to Discipline Your Child Without Becoming the Bad Guy

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One of the biggest challenges of parenting is learning to how to discipline children. Parenting is about balance and moderation, but discipline can make many parents feel as though they are losing balance in the relationships with their children.  You want your children to be sharp, independent, and obedient. Although no guide will answer every question about proper discipline, there are themes that can help you find the balance that helps your children recognize their wrongs and desire to do right.

Focus Discipline on the Wrong Act, Not the Child

After a hard day with your children, you might begin to think that your children are crazy animals! This is natural. Proper discipline starts by helping the child understand that they have done something wrong and desire to correct their actions. You do want to help them feel that their actions, however upsetting, cannot alter your love for them and regard for them as a person. When discipline or teaching focuses on the action and not the child, the child will not feel like they are being attacked; instead, he or she will sense your love and confidence in him or her. Continue reading