3 Ways to Entice Your Children to Do Chores

Chores | Improve-Your-Child.comDepending on the age of your children, you may find that getting them to do chores is as easy as breathing or as hard as pulling teeth. With these three tips, your children will be asking for more chores and looking for other ways to help out around the house.

  1. Make Chores Fun

Nothing demotivates more to children than having to do chores that appear to be boring. The first few times you tell your children to do chores, show them ways to make their tasks fun. For example, let them invent a silly dance to do while sweeping a room. Or have them make up silly names for the dishes and pretend they are giving them a bath. Add a little food coloring to the dishwater or a little more dish detergent to add more bubbles. Continue reading


Putting Your Child in a New School

 New School | Improve-Your-Child.com

Moving to a new area can be a great benefit for a family.  Unfortunately, changing schools can be a traumatic experience for your children. Often, moves are precipitated when one of the parents changes jobs. A new school can be like a job change as well. The environment where the children spend most of their waking time suddenly changes. Teachers, friends, and the school buildings themselves are suddenly different and potentially unwelcoming. It is important for parents to smooth the transition for their children as much as they are able.

Get Buy-In From Your Children

Often, parents justify a move and a school change by telling their children that it is “better for the family” and leave it at that. This strategy may work for another adult, but probably not for children who generally have completely different perspectives. They are unlikely to understand why a job change may be important or necessary. However, they can understand improvements in the things that affect them directly, particularly their new home, school, and area. Continue reading