How To Improve the Life of Your ADHD Child

ADHD | Improve-Your-Child.comAttention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an impulse-control disorder that is a commonly diagnosed among children. In fact, it is so common that some clinicians believe it is grossly overly diagnosed for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, parents frequently like having a diagnosis, even though it might be wrong, because it helps them understand the misbehavior of their child. Yet, for these reasons and more, ADHD is the most frequently diagnosed childhood mental illness. Continue reading


Improve The Relationships With Your Children With These Tools

Parenting Advice | Improve-Your-Child.comWhen you and your children are at odds with one another, improving your relationship might be the only way to finally find a way forward. If you’re each holding on to your side of the argument, there will likely one be more and more fighting.

This can be especially true for parents and teens. For instance, if parents are holding on to the idea that their child needs to go to college and their child refuses and instead wants to travel, there might only be arguments in which butting heads continue to take place. Continue reading


Parents: Improve Anti-Social Behavior in Your Children With Special Training

For children who exhibit antisocial behavior, life can be very challenging. Likely, their lives have been difficult for a while, and not just for them, but also for the parents, teachers, and guardians around them.

Of course, all children will demonstrate behavior that is to some degree “anti-social”. Part of their learning, growing, and developing is becoming familiar with social norms and managing their behavior well enough to follow those norms.Anti Social | Improve-Your-Child.com

Essentially, the socialization of children happens from age 4 to age 11. According to Erik Erikson, a well-respected developmental psychologist, children progress through eight stages, faced with a challenge in each stage. The first two developmental stages – trust versus mistrust and autonomy versus doubt – take place during infancy and have to do with a child’s relationship with his or her environment and primary caregiver. Continue reading