What To Say When Your Child Steals

Child Stealing | Improve-Your-Child.com

It’s not something all children do. But it happens. Children are impulsive, and they’re still developing brains don’t have the neural pathways to consider consequences, rules, and the law, which might otherwise inhibit their actions. When they have a strong desire for something they like, their impulsivity kicks in and they steal the item they…
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What To Do When Your Child Screams, “I Hate You!”

Child Yelling | Improve-Your-Child.comAlthough it’s not an easy thing to hear, it can be a good thing that your son or daughter is communicating this. In fact, it’s a sign that your son or daughter trusts you enough to say it. And the fact that she’s saying it directly to you means that it’s a feeling that needs to be expressed.

But it’s a feeling that not only needs to be expressed; it’s something that needs to be tended to, looked at, and talked about. It can be a rocky and tumultuous conversation at first, but do your best to hang in there and listen. You might tell yourself that your child wants to feel close to you again – and it’s true. There’s some talking and working through feelings in order to get there though. Continue reading


The Six Best Words a Parent Can Say to A Child

Parenting | Improve-Your-Child.comThere was recently an article published online that pointed out the differences between a stellar and a nightmare parent of a child athlete. The Post Game, a site that focuses on coaching and sports, published the article – What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent — And What Makes A Great One.According to the article, college athletes were asked what parents said to them that made them feel great, and there was one overwhelming response: when parents said to them “I love watching you play,” that’s what made the difference. Continue reading


Improve The Life of Your Child with a Mentor

Child Mentor | Improve-Your-Child.comIf you’re a single parent, especially the parent of a child who often gets into trouble, perhaps it’s time to get him or her a mentor. You might already know but a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, or someone your child can rely on. A mentor can advise and help instill in your child personality traits and habits for becoming a successful adult.

Mentoring is a partnership between two people (the mentee, your child, and the mentor). Mentoring provides children with the opportunity to think about how they are growing, learning, and developing. Continue reading